Maritime Center

maritimepage_photosThe Pacific Maritime Heritage Center celebrates the history, art, diverse culture, commerce, and scientific research that is of the ocean. 

The Pacific Ocean fosters a diversity of fisheries that includes a far-reaching commercial fishing fleet, vital to this Oregon Coast community. The Pacific Maritime Heritage Center’s exhibits and programming are dedicated to telling the stories of those who share a desire to live and work where sea meets land, and along its rivers and estuaries.

The Pacific Maritime Heritage Center is a major museum and interactive center that incorporates the working wharf, educational programs, and local maritime uses. The center features maritime-related exhibits and art. It has been designed to attract, educate, and entertain all ages, instilling in local residents and visitors a sense of place and community, a place they will want to visit again and again.

Located in an impressive building on Newport’s historic Bayfront, the building and site were purchased by the Lincoln County Historical Society in 2004.

The site was first graced with a home built in the 1880s for Dr. James Bayley and his wife, Elizabeth. That building burned in 1923, leaving only the foundation and chimney. A new home was built in 1925 by World War I hero General Ulysses Grant McAlexander on the site. In the late 1970s and early 80s, the structure underwent extensive remodeling and expansion and reopened as Smuggler’s Cove, a restaurant and nightclub. Up until 1999 it housed Gracie’s at Smuggler’s Cove, a popular restaurant.

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Off street parking is available for Maritime Museum visitors and event attendees. Simply go up the driveway marked with a sign that reads “Smuggler’s Cove.” Park anywhere except the five marked spaces that belong to Smuggler Cove condos. If you are attending an event at the Maritime Museum please carpool if you can.