Coastal Curiosities: An exhibit of the Strange, Unfamiliar, and Seldom Seen

Mr and Mrs Rare Button

Mr. and Mrs. Rare Button, a postcard reproduction from Wecoma, Oregon,
which is now part of Lincoln City.

The head of an angry wolf eel, shipwrecks, wax that generates music, a shell in a bottle, mysterious copper hardware and a multitude of other strange, unfamiliar, and seldom seen objects are now on exhibit at the Lincoln County Historical Society’s Burrows House Museum. Stylistically, this exhibit is in the traditional style of the curiosity cabinet of old.
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Historic Charter Boat Demolished

“I was aboard the Kingfisher when I experienced the thrill of the open ocean for the first time – I loved this boat….”

Kingfisher 1941: The Kingfisher on patrol during World War II.

Kingfisher 1941: The Kingfisher on patrol during World War II.

Faced with no other option, the Lincoln County Historical Society commissioned the Port of Toledo Boatyard to demolish the historic wooden charter vessel, Tradewinds Kingfisher. The 50ft National Historic Register vessel, long associated with Depoe Bay, was in an advanced stage of deterioration and posed a potential environmental hazard should it sink. During the demolition process it was discovered the deterioration of the boat was even worse than imagined.

Prior to demolition the exterior of the boat was scanned using 3D laser technology. The laser scan produced a very exact electronic record to be utilized by future researchers, model builders, and boat builders. The scan was so exact it was discovered the hull had actually twisted to one side, perhaps from a collision in its past, or with deterioration. Continue reading