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historylogo_blueThe Lincoln County Historical Society
A History of Preserving History

LCHC Members, 1956

Lincoln County Historical Society Members, 1956

On April 2, 1948, 26 people met as the first members of the Lincoln County Historical Society. Their first goals included publishing excerpts from Lt. Theodore Talbot’s diary of his visit in 1849 to the area and preserving Yaquina Bay Lighthouse for use as a museum. Over the next decade, those goals were met, as well as many others.

The Society focuses on the same goals established early by its members: to preserve, publish, and educate. The Society maintains two historic structures, the Burrows House and the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center on Newport’s historic Bayfront, as well as the Log Cabin Research Library. The Society preserves the state’s largest collection of artifacts from Oregon’s central coast. For more information, call 541-265-7509.


Lincoln County Historical Society

Executive Director: Susan MG Tissot
Bookkeeper: Jeanine Hull
Curator: Sachiko Otsuki
Collections Management Assistant: Megan Miller-Morgan
Museum Hosts: Bethlyn Ricardi, Julie Fiore, Patti Roberts, Delano Sanders

Bud Shoemake
Past President: Bob Olson
Treasurer: James Bassingthwaite
 JoAn McAdams

Mike Eastman
Dean Fleck
Bill Hanshumaker
Jon Holbrook
Bill Turner
Beth Young