Doerfler Family Theater

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Renting the Doerfler Family Theater

With a capacity of 151 persons, the Doerfler Family Theater (DFT) is the region’s premiere event venue. The DFT is well suited for lectures, concerts, performances, film screenings and a variety of gatherings.

From the early 1980s until 1999 this 2000 sq ft. room was a unique bar in the “Smuggler’s Cove” nightclub. The DFT rehab project took over five years and was completed June 2019. This beautiful one-of a kind facility was funded entirely by the generosity of the community. This venue affords a spectacular view of Yaquina Bay and Newport’s commercial fishing fleet. The Douglas Fir wood work, prominent inside the DFT, was salvaged from old-growth trees that were blown down on Cape Foulweather during the Columbus Day Storm of 1964.


  • Accessibility? ADA accessible stage and five ADA seating areas with companion seating. Located on the lower floor of the maritime museum the DFT is accessible using an ADA compliant elevator and/or stairs.
  • Capacity? 120 built-in tiered seats with five ADA designated spaces. The room’s maximum capacity is rated at 151 persons; additional tables and chairsare available by request. 
  • Cost(s)? The minimum rental fee is $200 for a three-hour event. This includes the time needed for set up and take down. A $100 cleaning/damage deposit is needed to reserve the DFT. Additional rental time, services and amenities such as kitchen use are extra. To reserve the space call (541) 265-7509 or email
  • Food? Food and beverages are allowed in the theater. All leftover food scraps and related garbage must leave with you after the event. Plastic and styrofoam use is highly discouraged.
  • Lighting? The stage is lit with five sections of track lighting with LED bulbs. Each section is controlled independently with dimmer switches. It is not equipped with traditional theater lighting and no gels are possible with the existing lighting system. The stage is flanked by large widows which can be blacked out upon request.
  • Piano? There is a grand piano available. The Maitland Family Piano is a 1918 Steinway B. While the piano is routinely tuned by Oregon Coast Piano Services, the client is responsible for scheduling and paying for any tuning required by artist of client.
  • Sound – Assistive? The DFT is equipped with an assistive listening system for the hearing impaired.
  • Sound – Music? The acoustics are such that amplification is often not needed. For complex or large performances additional sound reinforcement may be desired. This is the responsibility of the client.
  • Sound – Spoken Voice? The DFT has good acoustics, sound amplification is generally not needed unless a soft voice is the center of the presentation — such as a lecture. There is a built-in public address system with eight speakers which includes two handheld microphones and one lapel microphone. A podium with a built-in microphone and built in speaker is available upon request.
  • Stage? Constructed in a semicircular shape the DFT stage is ten feet deep (at deepest point) and twenty-five feet across (at its widest point). It is made of hardwood and capable of supporting the weight of heavy objects like a grand piano (800 pounds). There are five commercial grade duplex receptacles in the floor of the stage. The stage is flanked by windows overlooking Port Dock 5.
  • Ticketing? Ticket Sales are the sole responsibility of the client. Unless other arrangements are made LCHS does not charge a percentage of the gate. The historical society will publish a link, phone number, or other information for ticket sales on our Coming Attractions page. In some instances, arrangements can be made for ticket sales in our gift shops.
  • Video? The DFT is equipped with a built-in 4K laser projector system with an 18ft drop down screen. PowerPoint and other presentations, such as film showings, can be projected on this system using computer screen mirroring or a hardwire (HDMI) connection. Online videos, DVD’s and videos saved on a thumb drive can be played. For film screening where picture quality is crucial a DVD is recommended. It is advised that presentations using electronic media be tested prior to the event. The windows can be completely blacked out upon request. The PMHC does not have a license to show commercially licensed videos or films.
  • For more information call (541) 265-7509 or email