Doerfler Family Theater Fundraiser


Get ready for a treat!  The Shifty Sailors, joined by Newport’s Coastalaires, will be performing a fundraiser in Newport on Thursday September 20, 7:00 pm, at the Newport Performing Arts Center.

Money raised from the concert will help complete the performing space in the Doerfler Family Theater at the Maritime Museum. Tickets are $15 (12 & under free).

The Shifty Sailors have chosen to celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s vision of exploring the Oregon Territory (including what is now Washington and Oregon) at the northwestern edge of the Louisiana Purchase. It also includes honoring not only those who discovered this area by sea, but the many who have labored here as sailors and fishers.

Singing together now for 25 years, the Shifty Sailors have followed Tall Ship Festivals throughout Europe, performing in Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Wales, England, France and, most recently, in the Czech Republic.  They have sung at a Whale Festival in Hawaii, a Tall Ship Festival in Newport, Rhode Island while touring seaports of New England, and Pacific seaports on the West Coast from Washington to California.

Come and enjoy a very entertaining musical presentation while helping to fund theater seats at the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center.

Newport Performing Arts Center
777 West Olive Street, Newport