Art & Algae Workshop, Saturday June 3, 2:30PM

Love the ocean? Wanna make some art? San Francisco artist and author Josie Iselin will be here in person for our June 2-4 Seaweed Weekend Events. 12 lucky people will have the opportunity to interact one-on-one with Josie via her Saturday June 3 11 am – 2:30 PM Art & Algae Workshop.

Workshop Details: Josie teaches an Art & Algae workshop whereby she introduces students of all ages to cyanotype (blue) printing (an alternative photography technique) using her vast collection of dried seaweed specimens as image-making material. This is an excellent way to introduce some basics of seaweed biology and ecology as well as being a basic photography class yet requiring only sunlight and water. The rewards are huge, and it has been successfully run with an array of ages, with artists and scientists, teachers, and students. The workshop is 3.0 hours long and has been run in all weather, sun, fog, and even rain! The only requirements are part sun, part shade and access to water. The end results are joyous and revelatory; while making art, participants have learned about an ocean ecology they haven’t thought much about before.

  • -Number of participants: 12; pre-registration required; non-refundable but transferable
  • -Josie makes all the photosensitive paper beforehand on fine art watercolor paper in varying sizes so everyone can go home with four or five prints of their own.
  • -All materials are included.
  • -Cost: $90/person; LCHS Members $85
  • -Participants should bring a brown bag lunch
  • -Class Location & Time: PMHC, 11 am – 2:30 PM

Testimonial from our Executive Director: This is a fun class that people of all skill levels can do. You do not have to be artistically inclined. I have personally taken this class and I do not consider myself an artist. I can’t even draw stick people! I enjoyed playing around with the different dried seaweeds and the sunlight exposure which resulted in some very cool paper art!