Adding Native Plants to Your Sustainable Gardening Practices, Saturday, Sept. 10, 2022 1PM

Save the Date! In conjunction with, The Sustainable Feast exhibit:

Ann Geyer, Native Plant Specialist, Lincoln County Master Gardener Association

Native plants have formed symbiotic relationships with native wildlife over thousands of years, and therefore are foundation plantings for a sustainable habitat. If planted correctly, they play a strategic role in supporting local wildlife, conserving water, reducing erosion, maintaining healthy soil, and avoiding the need for chemical pesticides. Learn how to select and care for natives and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, wildlife friendly garden.  

Gardening Speaker Biography

Ann Geyer was introduced to gardening by her grandfather who was a landscaper at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  While in college she worked at the University of California Botanical Garden tending primarily to the local natives.  Ann joined the Master Gardener program in 1981 and has been educating gardeners about the benefits of natives since then. Ann maintains a native plant nursery to support her local Master Gardener program that provides hands-on opportunities to propagate and care for local natives.