The Wild East Meets the Wild West at the Pacific Maritime & Heritage Center

East Meets West

Center spread from the August 1983 issue of Life Magazine
depicts the Russian and American fisherman who joined forces
during the Cold War.

This fascinating exhibit will open to the public on Sunday,
November 10th, at the Pacific Maritime & Heritage Center in Newport, and will continue through April 2014.

On Sunday, November 10th, the Pacific Maritime & Heritage Center in Newport will host the Grand Opening of the “Wild East Meets Wild West: Oregon Fishermen Pioneer Cold War Cooperation” exhibit. The exhibit, sponsored and produced by Bellingham Cold Storage Co. and Wally Pereyra, opens at 12 Noon at the Maritime Museum and all Marine Resources Company alumni are encouraged to attend. Following the exhibit tour there will be a talk at the Carriage House at 2:00 pm by Wally Pereyra, manager of the MRC and a scientist with the National Marine Fisheries Service. Continue reading